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Our global Information Systems/Information Technology (IS/IT) team, provides all the businesses of Nestlé around the world a single, integrated and standardized system landscape which enable them to operate efficiently. The systems give the vital edge to critical, highly complex business functions across everything from logistics to manufacturing, human resources, finance, marketing and sales.

As a part of the IS/IT team you’ll work on the deployment of fit for purpose, secure and compliant technology, processes, data and systems, enabling new business models and consumer facing digital and analytical platforms. This will involve deepening your SAP skills, working alongside colleagues from all sorts of backgrounds and shaping our thinking along with yours.

It’s down to our digital team to develop, implement and sustain leading solutions, from mobile apps to brand websites. This team help us win in leveraging technology as part of building great brands, engaging and delighting consumers.

By joining us you could have a challenging career in digital and IS/IT that is as much about service management and delivering streamlined, cost-effective services as it is about technical expertise. You will have the opportunity to work with the latest configurations from vendors such as SAP, Microsoft and partners like Google, Facebook. This could mean the opportunity to take your career to a global level.

My team has thrown me such a warm welcome, which made my induction effortless. I had a sense of belonging as of day one. IT environments can be quite stressful, and just as any other job and setting, cause a lot of challenges. Having the right people next to you makes the job and those repetitive tasks more fun and enjoyable. I am still amazed how genuinely nice and supportive my colleagues are – we appreciate and cherish each other’s experiences, backgrounds and life stories. The relationship is reciprocal. Last, but absolutely not the least, I already felt empowered during my first day at Nestlé when I was told that this is not only a man’s world - we got this together.

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