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New CSV report on water and global water challenges

Maaliskuu 13, 2012

Sustainable development and responsible behaviour are important ingredients of Nestlés daily work. While Nestlé publishes the printed material of the annual report of 2011, also publishes the latest CSV report. Nestlés CSV's work builds on a strong base of law and sustainable development, and comprises three of the company's overall focus areas — Agricultural development, Nutrition and water.

This year focuses on important issues, the CSV report on water management and water resources, to ensure the world's future water availability. The key to reducing the world's water consumption requires local activities and commitment.

Nestlés water report provides an overview of Nestlés active work with water in connection with agricultural projects and the management of water in our factories. We believe that water is a human right, everyone should have access to water for cooking and hygiene, and beyond it, the price of water is to be regulated.

Nestlé is working constantly to develop their environmental commitment through more efficient management of factory both in terms of raw material resources but also ensuring long-term access to raw materials. At the same time, the company is working to improve living conditions and security for both growers and co-worker in our factories.
Since 2001, Nestlé has withdrawn the total water consumption in the factories by 28%.

In the report parts Professor John Briscoe, Harward University, this experience in water issues, in which he argues that water management is one of humanity's greatest challenges.

In 2011, Nestlé received the prestigious water Prize "World Water Industry Award" for our involvement in water issues, by SIWI (Stockholm International Water Institute).

Within the Nestlé we are engaged in water in relation to food and the impacts on the production of biofuels. It is our hope that the Rio + 20 Conference will ensure that "Food is for people, and that only the waste to be used as bio-fuel".

Nestlés involvement in water is shown by the company's five focus areas

Work to achieve water efficiency across our operations
A leader in water management and in reducing water consumption in all our factories.

Advocate for effective water policies and stewardship
Advocate policies that puts a value on the water at all levels.

Treat effectively the water we discharge
Sets strict targets around cleaning the water before it is sent back to the environment.

Engage with suppliers, especially those in agriculture
Helping suppliers/growers to improve water management with a focus on the importance of the riverine area.

Raise awareness of water access and conservation
Committed employees, authorities and consumers in water management. you can find the full report.

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